Performance based digital marketing

Welcome to SF2 SIA, Riga-based digital marketing agency. Our main business is to act as media brokers.

We buy CPC & CPM traffic on behalf of our customers, and deliver it with purely performance based commission model.

This means that no matter where you advertise, you can reduce risk and uncertainty relating to traffic performance.

The risk will still exist – it’s just that we are willing to carry it for you.

As the infamous quote says, half of your advertisement budget goes to waste, you just don’t know which half. Well, we know. And instead of having a series of PowerPoint slides paired with 45 minutes of hand waiving and buzzword dropping, we actually put our money where our mouth is – by delivering the traffic with cost per acquisition model.

We have no secret sauce. This can only be done with experience. The thing with this kind of – very specific – experience is, what works in certain fields, might not work in some others. This is why we can only accept clients in finance, digital games and subscription based businesses.

If you operate in one of these fields, just drop us a note. Let’s set up a meeting and go through the technicalities.

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